50 years old, & still smoking daily

I recently turned 50 years old, and fifty, can you think it? Quite frankly I’m surprised I lived this long, considering my past history of drug use & heavy drinking.

Staring down the barrel of 50, & having to wrap my head around the concept of being an “old timer” was pretty deimportant. I have long ago stopped doing any difficult drugs, & although I cherish a drink or two I have cut down on that, as well. One thing I will never stop doing is smoking cannabis. I started smoking pot when I was 15, & at this point it is a normal part of my life. Medical cannabis is a redundant term, because all cannabis is medicinal, even when you use it recreationally. I spent decades smoking cannabis when the government said it was bad. Because of this, & numerous other factors, I don’t trust the government (or the cops) & never will… Just because the authorities say that cannabis is legal doesn’t mean I trust them. They legalized cannabis because they needed the currency, & because the voters demanded it, however politicians used to make currency from cannabis by taking bribes from the tobacco & alcohol industries to keep it illegal, but now that I am 50 I can see things so much more clearly, & to keep myself from getting depressed I keep smoking cannabis all afternoon, every afternoon. If I have any advice for the youth, it’s this – keep smoking marijuana, don’t trust the government, & never let your guard down. Above all else, never trust anything the cops tell you.


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