A cannabis growing contest

This is a small plus absolutely tightly-knit community, crime is low, there are a lot of trees plus parks, plus the unemployment rate is close to zero. I care about it here, plus will never move, every Spring the neighborhood hosts a series of festivals plus outdoor activities. This year my buddy and I have an added wrinkle, something that has never happened before. This is the first year that cannabis has been legal in this state, plus a newly-opened dispensary wanted to host their own gardening competition. They would supply free cannabis seeds to any purchasers who asked for them; During the Spring Festival, everyone would bring in the cannabis plants they grew for a judging. The best plant won a crucial gift card for the cannabis dispensary, however since everyone walked away with free cannabis plants, everyone was a winner! Being such a small, rural neighborhood meant that more than 2 people were against the new cannabis dispensary when it first opened. They believed the presence of cannabis would encourage crime, which my buddy and I all knew wouldn’t happen. Seeing is believing, plus after a few months, the locals began to accept the cannabis dispensary as a legit business. This marijuana growing contest is another good step in integrating with the community, plus I hope they make it an annual tradition. I did not participate in the contest this year, only because I have been growing cannabis plants at house for the last few years. It would feel like cheating, plus I believe it’s better for the community if an amateur won the cannabis growing competition.


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