A lovely pot-addled weekend at the beach

When I got home from work last Wednesday my spouse was waiting with a surprise, but she had our bags packed, and told me she had booked a rental house on the beach… I was blown away by this, and genuinely blissful! Due to our works Jenny and I rarely get to do fun things like take impromptu trips, my buddy and I jumped in the car and made the 2-hour drive to the shore, where Jenny guided me to our final endpoint.

It turns out that Jenny had one last surprise for me, because this rental house was just a short distance away from a cannabis dispensary, but this was all a part of her plan.

She selected a nice little house with a clear view of the ocean, that was within walking distance of a liquor store and a cannabis dispensary. This meant my pal and I wouldn’t have to drive anywhere all weekend, so my pal and I could concentrate on drinking cocktails, smoking cannabis, and fooling around, however people say married couples don’t have fun, well evidently they haven’t met Jenny and me. She poured drinks, I rolled up a few cannabis joints, and my pal and I sat on the sand with our toes in the water for the entire afternoon. Since the booze and the marijuana was flowing, neither one of us remembered to put on sunscreen and got frightfully sunburned! Thankfully the cannabis shop was prepared for this, because they sold a brand of aloe gel infused with CBD and THC, and it legitimately helped our miserable red skin. If I’m not mistaken, the topical cannabis cream also got us both legitimately high.


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