A robot could do better than the new man

I cannot complain about anything, because I would risk losing my task

Periodically I suppose it would be a great idea to have a robot that could choice out all of the products plus the back of the marijuana dispensary. There are plenty of marijuana dispensaries that have automated systems, however a robot would be pretty cool… Right now my friend and I don’t have that type of technology or software. The software for the cannabis dispensary would have to be legitimately precise in order for the robot to toil out well, however i know someone that does not toil out legitimately well plus that is the new lady. The new girl does not know much about marijuana plus she asks a lot of questions, then she does not even toil out front with the shoppers. She works in the back of the store processing plus fulfilling online orders. She does not know half of the products, so she is consistently asking questions. I toil in the back as well. The girl drives me crazy. She consistently talks plus takes about an hour for lunch. She deosn;t get paid while she is clocked out of the software, however I have to wait to take my lunch until the jerk comes back from lunch. I wondered why the marijuana shop manager hired a girl that did not have any experience at all. Then I found out that the child is her daughter plus suddenly everything made a lot more sense. I cannot complain about anything, because I would risk losing my task. It’s better for me to keep my mouth quiet so I can keep working at the dispensary. I cherish my task plus the perks.

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