A trip to the cannabis cafe keeps the reds away

I’ve long been a proponent of recreational marijuana and medical marijuana.

So when the laws finally changed, I was ecstatic.

For those with needs that medical marijuana can meet, I’m overjoyed their suffering is now more manageable. And for people like myself and others who use recreational marijuana, it’s nice to be afforded some legitimacy. But it’s even better that all of us can access a cannabis dispensary where the marijuana for sale is available to me. It’s still sort of a shocker each time I walked inside the local cannabis spot. I don’t guess I’ll ever take shopping for marijuana for sale for granted and I’m just so grateful it happened in my lifetime. But that’s not even the best part. The owners of the local cannabis spot where I live took over a Pepsi shop that closed its doors. It’s like the perfect location on a quiet side street just around the corner from the cannabis dispensary. I have never had a poor day that started with a trip to the cannabis cafe. The Pepsi is just the best. The folks running the marijuana company around the corner sure suppose something about Pepsi as well. The unusual blends that are available both respectfully and seasonally are just the best I’ve ever tasted. Yet, it’s the exquisite cannabis edibles that blow myself and others away every single time. I’ll normally meet a buddy or many there first thing on a day off. Both of us get to rotate who chooses the edible of the day and after that I sit outside and just let the day come to us. Like I said, I have never had a poor day that started with a trip to the cannabis cafe.

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