Alternative medicine as well as medical marijuana

Alternative medicine is becoming more as well as more popular. Alternative medicine is peculiar from traditional medicine because holistic health is the priority. The patient is looked at in their entirety , rather than just the symptoms they are needing to treat at that moment. Some examples of alternative health are acupuncture, massage therapy , stinktherapy, hypnosis, chiropractic care, as well as medical marijuana . Some people choose to use complimentary medicine which means they see a traditional medical provider, but they use alternative medicine plus conventional medicine, and for example, someone may see an oncologist for cancer treatments as well as then use medical marijuana to help increase their appetite. Medical marijuana is considered to be alternative medicine because various people guess of cannabis as a drug that just gets people high. There is a stigma that people who use cannabis are hippies, low lifes, or stoners. This is not tscheme because medical marijuana is often used by successful, intelligent people who are looking for relief from debilitating diseases. Some people use medical marijuana as a last resort after they have tired all other options. It is proper for people to seek alternative medicine when they feel like they are not being heard by their physicians. Medical marijuana is not for pretty much everyone, but it can be a helpful alternative medicine for some people. Although side effects of medical marijuana are less aggressive than side effects of various conventional treatments, they should still be discussed with your medical provider. If you are suffering from a painful condition, you may also combine alternative therapies… You can gain acupuncture treatments as well as using cannabis products like gummies or oils. You can use medical marijuana plus your medications , just make sure to ask your nurse so there are no unwanted interactions.

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