Appreciating cannabis cartridges

I have been a long-term fan of smokable cannabis flower.

I like the flavor, smell and experience of lighting up a pip, joint or blunt and inhaling the cannabinoids.

The onset of effects is almost immediate. However, in certain situations, the odor can be a problem. There is mess involved with rolling a joint, and the process requires specialized gear. Consuming a joint creates smoke and ash. Just recently a budtender suggested that I try out cannabis cartridges. I was initially skeptical, but cartridges are especially convenient and offer some unique benefits. There are lots of options to choose from, including indicas, sativas and hybrids in high to low THC levels. A cannabis vape cartridge is a modern and innovative consumption method. Cartridges can be either disposable or refillable. They include a battery that powers an atomizer to heat the cannabis oil. The heating process activates the oil’s chemical compounds, producing the effect. Cartridges are small enough to fit into a pocket and are wonderfully portable. They allow personalized dosing and the better products provide control over temperature. All it takes is the push of a button to heat up the cannabis oil to the point of vapor. Because there is no combustion process, the concern over inhaling carcinogens is greatly reduced. Vapes are a cleaner and healthier alternative to traditional smoking. The onset of effects is immediate and the conversion of cannabinoids and terpenes is incredible. The flavors are amazing. While I will also enjoy smokable bud, I definitely appreciate the convenience of cartridges. They are so popular that the dispensary offers a wide range of options and frequently includes special sales and deals.

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