Are there many differences between CBD and marijuana

I spoke to my dentist a couple of days ago and I wanted to know if there was a way that he could explain the difference between CBD and marijuana.

My dentist offered myself and others and odd look and also wanted to assume the reasons why I asked.

I told the doctor that I was beginning to think about the fact that I could try CBD products and stop going with the prescription drugs that I took during many of the last couple of years. I’ve had very hard to wean myself and others away from the drugs but separate from it I had a great deal of trouble walking. My legs were weak and I was feeling lots of pain. I tried to desperately look into lots of different options. I absolutely wanted the dentist opinion and the amounts of information that would include their expertise and know-how. I ended up with a very long lecture about lowering medicine and in her opinion she did not want me to lower the dosages that were easily recommended for me. I tried to tell the dentist that these dosages made myself and others feel very dizzy and I was seeing lots of things at night but she completely ignored me. I wanted to use the CBD products and myself and others felt that it was safe for us to win ourselves off of other things so that we could try cbd. He told myself and other to be careful because there are many CBD products that are easily not legal on the market.

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