Bad skin fixed by cannabis

I had really bad acne for quite some time.

I had blackheads over my nose, pimples on my skin and red spots on my forehead. I looked like I was going through puberty. It was hard to be taken seriously in a professional setting. I didn’t have the confidence to date anyone. I looked into proactive, clean and clear and neutrogena. I consulted a dermatologist, changed my diet and got regular facials. Nothing really helped. I then started researching and found that I can rely on cannabis to help my skin. Cannabis can reduce infallmatoin n the body. That means my red spots will look less red while I am on cannabis. Also, marijuana has been linked with reducing the amount of sebum the body produces. This is the oily, waxy substance that clogs pores and creates acne. I right away got on the horn with getting cannabis. I wanted to see a difference in my skin. I am lucky that my state offers both medical and recreational cannabis. I didn’t need to get a special medical weed card. I just walked into the closest cannabis dispensary near me and picked up a topical. The cannabis dispensary as a whole skincare line. They have cleansers, masks, creams and even oils that are supposed to reduce acne, promote hydration and cut down on fine lines. I have been on the cannabis skin care line for around a month. The difference in my skin is downright shocking. I can’t believe what my face looks like. I have been recommending it to everyone.

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