Cancer fight gets help with medical marijuana

The first thing I did when I left the doctor’s office was go to the restroom and throw up.

How could I have cancer? I mean, I was in good shape and took great care of myself.

Plus, I was only 43 years old. But the simple fact was that I had cancer and treatment was not far off. That meant that I had to get about the process of navigating the marijuana regulations in my state. Thankfully, I was able to expedite the process of learning to get a medical marijuana card with help from my doctor. My oncologist was very impressed with the way cannabis products help during cancer treatments. Like most cancers, I had to go through chemotherapy which is one of the most common treatments. While this cancer treatment is quite effective, it’s also sort of poisoning you at the same time. This leads to plenty of nausea and the inability to eat. While nausea is no fun and chemotherapy provides plenty of that discomfort, it’s the not eating that is also a big deal. When you’re in the fight for your life, you need to be feeding your body exactly what it needs. Without proper nutrients and vitamins, the body is less capable of healing from both the cancer and the treatments. So using cannabis flower products helped me not only manage the nausea but get healthy food inside of me. I’m so thankful that our state legalized medical cannabis several years ago. With out access to Illegal weed store, my cancer treatment could have been much more challenging.



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