Cannabis can’t cure cancer

Do some research before you get a medical cannabis prescription

There are unfortunately some people who think that medical cannabis cures cancer. No, that is not correct. There are people who will get a cancer diagnosis and then rely on recreational cannabis in order to cure them. You need chemotherapy. Cannabis isn’t going to fix what is wrong with you. What cannabis does is help the person with the effects of chemotherapy. So that severe nausea you get, that is what weed helps with. It isn’t the cancer that is being fixed. It is highly recommended that when you receive a cancer diagnosis and a date for chemo, you start looking into medical cannabis. That way you can smoke to reduce the nausea and pain symptoms with this terrible process. The chemotherapy is what is ultimately going to help you though. It also can stimulate appetite and help with weight gain. That is another con of chemotherapy as well. When I read online that there are people that just rely on weed, I was shocked and devastated for them. Unfortunately medical cannabis isn’t as talked about as it should be. The benefits aren’t public knowledge yet. There is a lot of confusion surrounding what exactly this drug can and can’t do. It isn’t a gateway drug but it isn’t a magical cure for everything wrong with you either. Do some research before you get a medical cannabis prescription. You don’t want to assume cannabis can cure something that it cannot. Sometimes pills and procedures are the better solution than smoking a natural plant.


Medical Cannabis