Cannabis chose me!

I never meant to choose cannabis as a career, but that is how life worked out for me.

It started in college, when I lost my scholarship and started selling weed on campus to make ends meet.

I have the gift of gab, meaning it is easy for me to talk to people, and easy for people to like me. Within a few weeks I was making more money than I ever dreamed, and I realized that I might be wasting money on college. I was paying thousands of dollars a semester to be there, meanwhile making loads of money from cannabis. Is it any wonder I quit school and upgraded my cannabis operation? At the time, there were no legal cannabis dispensaries in the state, which meant that a college town was a golden opportunity for any pot dealer. College kids have the extra time and the extra cash to spend on marijuana, so all I needed to be was “johnny-on-the-spot.” After I dropped out of school I actually spent more time on campus than ever before, only now my backpack contained only cannabis, and no books or papers! I spent three years pretending to be a student, and selling pounds of cannabis every week. When enough time had passed that I should have been graduating, I decided to step away from the campus and move into the world of cannabis dispensaries. With all of the profits I had carefully saved over the years I had a healthy nest egg, and my idea was to use it as investment money to buy my very own cannabis dispensary.


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