Cannabis concentrates are great for people with high tolerances for cannabinoids

My uncle has a considerable tolerance to alcohol, but not for good reasons.

He’s an aggressive alcoholic and has allowed it to diminish every serious romantic relationship he was involved in. His children have disowned him and he’s not invited to family gatherings any longer because of his volatile behavior. I remember back when I was a kid and he was still around my grandparents’ house on a weekly basis. He would disrupt family dinners with my parents, my grandparents, and my aunts and uncles who still lived in the area. While we no longer have dinners like this after the death of my grandma and grandpa, my parents sometimes invite me, my siblings, and my cousins over for meals and gatherings. I feel bad for my cousins because they haven’t spoken to their father in years. Thankfully my heavy cannabis consumption has never created a problem like my uncle’s heavy alcohol consumption. While I have to be careful about getting too tired to complete my work within the deadlines I’m given, I never turn into a mean person as a result of consuming marijuana even in high doses. I switched to cannabis concentrates when cannabis flower products were proving to not be strong enough to cut through my heavy tolerance for THC and the other cannabinoids commonly found in the marijuana plant. My favorite cannabis concentrates are live rosin and cured rosin because they’re made without chemical solvents and are true full spectrum cannabis products. Live resin products are strong, but the flavor isn’t as good as live rosin.

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