Cannabis dispensary software glitches can cause orders to pile in the morning

Mornings are always bad, no matter where you work.

My sister is a doctor and she says the office is always the busiest on Mondays.

First thing in the morning is the worst because you get a lot of grumpy senior citizens mixed with people who have urgent needs and have to see her immediately. A lot of the time this is the beginning of the day for these people and they don’t really have great days to begin with. I know a lot of senior citizens that are just coping with constant physical pain and discomfort, coupled with bad mental States as well. A lot of these people are on lots of medications and they can’t really help it. I work at a cannabis dispensary and also deal with a lot of people in the morning that aren’t particularly kind. All of the senior citizens that use cannabis like the shop first thing in the morning so that they can beat the rush from all of the workers who come during lunch, the afternoon, and after work. What annoys me the most is when the software for the cannabis dispensary starts to glitch on his first thing in the morning. We’ll get orders coming from the website and if the cannabis dispensary software isn’t working properly, the orders will pile up until they finally make it to our computers. Then we’ll have 20 orders that we have to fill in the course of a few minutes. It’s a very hectic process whenever the software for the cannabis dispensary isn’t working properly. I wish the cannabis companies would spend more money investing in better cannabis dispensary software rather than other types of investments in the company. Having working software is an essential part of thriving as a cannabis dispensary during this time.

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