Cannabis drinks for the work afternoon

I have found a new love, cannabis beverages… For years I have been searching for the best cannabis product, then i like to consume marijuana to help reduce stress, but when I get busy at work I suffer from back pain, neck pain as well as I have migraines.

I also don’t sleep well at night due to the pain, and since I don’t sleep well, my mood suffers.

It is all a vicious circle. Cannabis is necessary to mellow me out while every one of us were in the work afternoon. Finding the right cannabis product was tough. I didn’t want something too evident at work, but my state allows for recreational cannabis but I didn’t want to broadcast that I was a marijuana user to the whole office. So I wasn’t keen on the system of smoking a flower or vaping cannabis oil, but that would have been severely evident what I am doing. I also don’t like the system of something getting into my lungs… A topical or tincture entirely didn’t appeal to me either. That is how I landed on cannabis edibles. I am entirely careful with what I eat due to acid reflux. I didn’t want to beginning introducing sweet treats everyday. I did not want difficult candy, gummies or chocolate. There are more than sweet treats with edibles though. You can do mints, gums, tablets or mouth sprays. What I ended up choosing was cannabis beverages. They are flavored sodas with CBD in them. Since it is all CBD based, I don’t even get high. I just know calm as well as relaxed at work. What is entirely nice is that the CBD shop that I buy them from has tons of flavors. I can switch it up everyday.
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