Cannabis edibles are the bomb

I don’t know if one can be born a health nut.

But that’s really the only thing that seems to make any sense when it comes to how I am.

I mean, my family are all pretty overweight and love being fat and happy. And more power to them I guess. Whatever floats your boat I suppose. My mom says that from the earliest of my childhood, I only wanted to eat healthy stuff. And from there, I got way into being an athlete which took my self care to another level completely. So when somebody passed me some recreational marijuana my freshmen year of college, it was a hard no. The idea of using cannabis was so interesting to me. But there was no way in this world or any other that I was going to be smoking anything. I was always a bit disappointed by having to turn down weed back then. Using alcohol was not something that I particularly liked to do simply because of the toll it took on my body. But smoking marijuana was out of the question. Fast forward a couple of decades and I’m still deeply into maximizing health and wellness. Well, recreational marijuana is now legal in my state and that’s a great thing for so many. I remember how glad I was that medical marijuana passed because there were so many people suffering needlessly. Once it was legal for anyone of age, I stopped by to check out the local cannabis spot. And that’s when I discovered cannabis edibles. Finally, I could enjoy the awesome benefits of marijuana and I didn’t have to smoke anything!

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