Cannabis equals happy

Had I known just how great my life could be, I think I would have taken a chance on cannabis a long, long time ago.

  • But the idea of doing anything illegal has always checked me up in the past.

Whether it was speeding or buying a bag of marijuana, I just was never at all comfortable with breaking the law. And when it came to recreational marijuana back in the day, I just had to pass. What a shame because I think had I used cannabis products, I might have gotten to happy a whole lot sooner. The thing about marijuana, as I have found out, is that it comes with lots of smiles. In fact, the first time I tried some sativa strains with friends, I woke up the next day thinking I had slept funny on my face. But the fact was that my face was actually sort of sore from smiling. And my voice was just the slightest bit hoarse from laughing my head off the night before. Where had that been all my life? The thing that I have enjoyed so much about the effects of indica, sativa and the hybrid strains that I’ve tried is the happy. And it’s not a transient happy. There is something about cannabis products that simply strips away so much needless worry from my life. I can’t tell you just how liberating that is for me. For so long, I have worried about other people’s perceptions and so many other elements of life that I have zero control over. Once I started smoking some OG kush or blue dream or whatever hybrid strains for sale at the cannabis dispensary, I see what a waste of time worry is. Cannabis had brought me back to living in and for the moment.

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