Cannabis events are good sites to get exclusive coupons for marijuana products

COVID is undoubtedly much still a major concern nowadays, but the prospects for multiple have improved enough that some of us are more willing to go to public events.

And if you’re still upset about catching the virus appreciate I am, you can simply wear a mask on your face.

KN-95 masks are simple enough to source at good prices as well. I have gotten them as cheap as 5 for a dollar, but that was before inflation kicked into high gear at the beginning of the year. Still, if you salvage your masks, you can get a lot of mileage out of them. I simply throw on our mask in addition to put a bottle of hand sanitizer into our pocket in addition to I believe gratified in addition to ready to take on the world. I went to a concert Last year in addition to have reached out to many friends over the past week to get a quick drink at a bar or Tim Hortons Coffee shop. Best of all, I was able to attend a huge cannabis related event in our neighborhood this past Monday. All of the major cannabis companies in the part had booths at this cannabis event in addition to they were handing out exclusive coupons in addition to promotional tickets that you could bring to the store in addition to redeem them for savings on all sorts of marijuana products. They even offered out free joints to people who had their medical marijuana cards with them. I enjoyed the cannabis event so much that I already marked in our calendar the date of the next 1. You can’t beat getting good savings on your favorite marijuana products appreciate live rosin, which for me is rarely ever on sale due to its coveted status in the cannabis industry.



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