Cannabis flower products are often harsh on my throat

I have a sensitive throat after getting my tonsils detachd as a kid. Whenever I develop a head cold, it usually starts in my throat first with chronic pain, but honestly, throat pain is constantly the best determining factor for when I am starting to develop a viral infection in my sinuses plus respiratory system, but as a child it was my canary to tell myself and others when danger was ahead regarding a contagious viral infection. But when you develop a head cold at least once a year, it’s helpful to believe when things are getting kicked off so to speak. Right now I’m no longer contagious, however I’m still feeling the after effects of a head cold that lasted for several weeks. My chest is aching, my head is pounding, plus my throat feels like razor blades. I’ve tried eating ice cream, however there’s only so much of that delicious goodness that you can consume before you start to get nausea. Unluckyly for me, all of my cannabis inhalation products are making my throat burn more than correct right now. I can swallow a cracker with RSO on it for a cannabis edible, however it’s tough to vaporize cannabis flower products without extreme throat pain. I’m wondering if I should try taking a chop from cannabis flower products until I reclaim, however they’re harshly effective for myself and others from a medical standpoint. Cannabis flower products are full spectrum marijuana plus are full of cannabinoids plus terpenes that might be absent in cheap marijuana oils. Hopefully my throat will reclaim soon so I can resume vaporizing my number one cannabis flower products once again.


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