Cannabis growing is not ok in my state

I hate it when some states make particular things illegal while others don’t, for instance, there are particular rules when it comes to how often you have to see your dentist for particular medications. In my state I have to see my dentist 4 times a year plus pay out of pocket half of those times, the rules are even more strict if you are prescribed controlled substances. There are some people who have to see their dentists once a month just to get their prescriptions refilled! And that’s not typically going to be consistent from state to state either, and some of the other laws that are particular to States pertain to other substances. For instance, medical marijuana is illegal in the whole country based on federal law, but individual states have decided to legalize it plus regulate it. My state, for instance, legalized medical marijuana about 6 years ago. I thought it was never going to happen but the people I was with and I finally got it past a ballot initiative that made it into a constitutional amendment, however, the people I was with and I have particular rules here with our medical marijuana program that are distinct. The two of us have limits on how much cannabis a guy can buy in a 35-day period, you also cannot grow your own cannabis plants in the state adore you can plus numerous other states. It’s deranged that there is no room for condo growing in this state if you can’t afford to buy weed for the dispensary. Hopefully there will be a day when the people I was with and I can legally grow our own weed in this crazy state.

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