Cannabis keeps me healthy

I try to be as healthy as I can, and that is why I exercise many days a week… I do a big stretch beforehand, a warm up, some cardio plus a bit of strength training.

I try to hit all areas of my body to get a great workout in.

I also make sure to watch what I am taking in. I am a vegetarian. I have eliminated fatty foods, oils, red sauce, spicy foods plus sugar. That is so I don’t have acid reflux anymore. I enjoy tossing hemp seeds into a few of my meals; Hemp is derived from the cannabis plant. I can get the hemp seeds plus the hemp seed oil right at my local cannabis dispensary. I will toss hemp seeds in a salad or a wrap. I will occasionally put the hemp seed oil in a smoothie. I hardly notice them however they make all the difference. It provides extra protein, omega 3 fatty acids plus is great for heart health; Other products I take are CBD oil at night. I used to sleep very poorly, however now with CBD oil, I am relaxed enough to sleep at night. The last cannabis dispensary product I take is a topical. It is a skincare regime all with marijuana in it. I have a cleanser, face cream and serum that is meant to brighten, tighten plus clear your skin up. I love the smell plus the feeling. The skincare products don’t get me high. They just reduce inflammation plus sebum production in my body, however so I have smooth, clear skin when I do it.