Cannabis products for medical reasons

I love taking a trip to the cannabis store.

There is no other business that has such a wide variety of products that are health related, but fun.

A lot of people treat marijuana like it is alcohol. They buy as much as they are legally allowed, slightly abuse it and use it for partying. I use it more for medical cannabis purposes. Yes, if you get cannabis with a high THC content, you are in for a fun night. However, if you elect to go a more CBD heavy strain, you can get all sorts of health benefits from it. CBD products can help with anxiety, depression and sleep issues. You can take CBD oil if you have chronic pain, seizures, ADHD and all sorts of serious issues. I like taking CBD oil to help me sleep. I would struggle badly without it. I used to rely on sound machines, bamboo sheets, drinking green tea and eliminating blue light before bed. A buddy of mine is a big holistic health nut. That means he is all about cannabis. He swore that the right strain of weed would help me sleep at night. I went to the cannabis dispensary near me and they hooked me up. You need the right blend of THC and CBD in order to achieve REM sleep. It took a few tries but my budtender finally found the right product for me. Now I put a few drops of the oil in my nightly tea and I sleep like a baby. Since that product has helped so much I have perused my dispensary for other medical help.
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