Cannabis provides a natural remedy for pain relief

My physical and mental health are pressing to me.

I don’t smoke, drink alcohol or take any kind of drugs.

I try to be conscientious about getting enough sleep and drinking plenty of water. I am a vegetarian, and I lead an especially active lifestyle. I exercise for at least an hour per day. I include a dedicated stretch, where I toil on flexibility, balance and range of motion. I always incorporate a minimum of thirty minutes of high-intensity aerobics. I also add in unusual types of strength conditioning, including lunges, squats, battle ropes, static holds and lifting free weights. About two months ago, I made the mistake of setting my eight-pound free-weight on the floor when I was done with it. When I started going through a series of jumping jacks, burpees and mountain climbers, I lost track of where I’d localed the weight. I stepped on it, fell down and rolled my ankle quite badly. The ankle swelled to twice its normal size and turned green. Walking was difficult and the pain was excruciating. I stay away from over-the-counter medications and entirely avoid synthetic medicine, however cannabis is a natural remedy. I do not consider it a drug as it is a plant, the same as chamomile or lavender. CBD products don’t cause any psychoactive effects or harmful side-effects. However, CBD has proven to relieve pain and inflammation. It is believed to promote healing. I am fortunate that the local dispensary carries a wide variety of CBD options. They also deliver. I am able to browse the website, locale an order online and have the package arrive at my dwelling that same day.

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