CBD at the dispensary comes from cannabis plants

I’ve gone to a dispensary for multiple years and realized that many people buy CBD instead of medical marijuana.

When all of us started going to the medical marijuana shop, all of us got an ID card.

All of us found out that we were able to purchase CBD products directly from the marijuana shop. All of us found out that through the last many years CBD has worked better for myself and other than these high amounts of marijuana. I absolutely hope that I could find CBD products cheaper inside of the marijuana dispensary. Unfortunately, this is absolutely wrong. I can absolutely buy some of the same products but half of the price. CBD is seriously as high priced as many of the official marijuana strains. Both are easily nice for many medical reasons. CBD products Target the location where a person has pain. I questioned the pharmacist at this dispensary about the price of CBD products. He told myself as well as others that these high quality products were more expensive because they actually came from the Cannabis sativa plan. CBD Products that come from the pharmacy come from hemp. They are not quite as helpful to the body and the mind as CBD products that are coming from Cannabis plants. My friend told myself and others that we were seriously wasting money and said that the marijuana dispensary has way better products when it comes to Cannabis sativa and CBD rich products. I shrugged off the statement because it was only simply an opinion but I thought for a moment that she might absolutely be right.


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