CBD oil so I can sleep

Sleep isn’t something I am on a first name basis with.

  • I consistently struggle to sleep at evening.

Falling asleep is certainly tough on me, however once I fall asleep, I don’t stay that way either. I am certainly likely to wake up a bunch of times in the middle of the evening. I have tried a bunch of natural sleep remedies. I have meditated, gotten up-to-date sheets, a gel pillow, eliminated red light, eaten kiwi, etc. You name it, I have tried it. I started looking into a medical solution. I didn’t certainly want to take sleeping pills. Thankfully the CBD dispensary near myself and others offers all sorts of products. The CBD products were what appealed to me. With CBD I don’t have to get high. A little trace of THC gets in the strain. I am not exactly taking drug tests at work, so it doesn’t matter. A little THC is totally fine. I also prefer that the CBD that the budtender recommended to myself and others was a CBD concentrate. This is a more potent form of a traditional CBD product. It can be a flower strain that is smoked. Typically a CBD concentrate is an oil form. You can dab air with a rig system, vape it through an oil pen or even take it prefer an edible with a few drops under the tongue. I choose the vaping method. It is just certainly easy to take a few hits of the vape right before bed. I make sure to get myself nice and loose. I just need to calm down so I can sleep and stay that way.

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