CBD oils for menopause

I am 55 years ancient and menopause is kicking our butt.

I consistently have overheated flashes. They come and go at the worst times. I get overheated and then have to change. Alos, the frequency is horrible. They are large and frequent, that is just plain cruel. I have been dealing with menopaUnited Statesl symptoms for too long now. I am consistently getting distracted at evening when I sleep. I suppose overheated and sick all the time. I am more prone to UTIs. So I did some research online. Apparently there is a connect between CBD and menopaUnited Statesl symptoms. A CBD product should reduce the amount of overheated flashes I have and decrease the severity. Thankfully our state allows for both medical and recreational weed. I was able to go into a CBD shop and ask for some help. The budtender and I talked about consumption methods. I certainly didn’t want to smoke anything or take a fattening edible. What I ended up choosing was a CBD tincture. This is an oil that I can put a few drops in our tea before I go to bed and a few drops in the afternoon cup. I also could place the oil directly under our tongue for quicker, more intense relief. I have only been using our CBD tincture for a few mornings however it is already quite awesome. I notice that I am better about winding down at evening. Rather than get up every several minutes, I only wake up once a evening.
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