Celebs are endorsing cannabis products

The world of professional music has always been strongly influenced by marijuana.

Kids today think that rappers are cool for talking about weed, but the jazz musicians of the 1920’s were just as bold in their use of weed.

Of course the 1960s and 1970s were famous for the wide variety of drugs being used in the music scene. These days our society is a little different, thanks in part to all those musicians throughout the years that made getting high seem normal. When parents tell their kids that smoking weed will ruin your future, the kids can point to any number of millionaires who are advocates for cannabis. Now that marijuana is slowly being made legal across the country, the cannabis plant is losing its stigma. I remember my folks telling me that marijuana wasn’t dangerous except as a “gateway drug” because it would lead to doing hard drugs. To me cannabis was only a gateway to laughing a lot and eating too much pizza. I don’t like the idea of celebrities cashing in on their fame to try and sell cannabis to young people, though. A lot of kids and teenagers look up to online celebs who are not telling them to try cannabis or vaping because it makes them look cool. My 12 year old daughter told me that one of her online faves is rolling out a new line of cannabis products. I told her that as soon as she turned 18 I would take her to the cannabis dispensary myself, but until then she had to chill out.

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