Changing how I live life after the car accident

I kind of suppose prefer it was karma that led me to our car accident. I was in an fight with our bestie where I was totally in the wrong. It did not stop me from yelling at him plus leaving the apartment late for work. I was driving way too fast, texting our neighbor to tell her I would be late plus I ran a stop sign. I then got plowed into by another car that led me to the hospital. I had a ton of medical bills, our insurance went through the roof plus I was dealing with neck pain for quite some time. I decided to let that accident shape me into being a better woman. I have been trying so strenuous for our bestie so much. I make it a point to thank him, compliment him plus supply him with something positive everyday. I want to prove I can be a good partner. I manage our time better so I am never late to labor plus I labor with a positive attitude, however for our pain levels I take marijuana products that also mellow me out. I never thought I would be a cannabis user but I love it. It is undoubtedly wonderful to take a hit of our vape on our dinner break. I suppose so relaxed, peaceful plus glad, but my neck pain is significantly reduced because of the strain of cannabis too. I am getting more out of physical therapy, then once I no longer need weed for chronic pain, I think I will just switch to a strain that keeps me mellow. I am a way better lady when I am slightly stoned.



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