Christmas was much better with cannabis

So now, I know the secret to getting through Christmas week with my wife’s family.

  • And the secret puzzle piece that was missing appears to be cannabis.

Thankfully, now that recreational marijuana is legal, I will be toting cannabis products along with me to Christmas every year. I appreciate my wife so much. And out of that love, I have forced myself to endure Christmas at her mom plus dad’s for nearly a decade since we’ve been married; My pal and I do Thanksgiving at our locale with my mom plus sisters but it’s alway a trudge up north for Christmas with the in-laws. I smoked some reefer when I was in my 20’s despite the fact that I guess I was a bit too high energy for cannabis back then. I just wasn’t so much into the mellow plus way more into the adrenaline. That’s changed a bit it seems. When recreational marijuana was legalized, I was curious so I stopped by the local cannabis spot for a look. I talked to the nice folks there plus they put together a bit of trial assortment for me. I found that cannabis undoubtedly sort of suits me now. While I’m still undoubtedly active plus into hiking, biking plus even scaring myself sometimes, I like chilling a bit more now. And when you are at my in-laws house, that’s all there is. These people just kneel around plus it goes on for a week. So this past Christmas I took various odd varieties of cannabis edibles with me for the trip, oh man, did that make the whole scene so much more palatable for me. I was even genuinely laughing at some of my father in-laws’s horrible, corny jokes.


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