Combining THC and CBD

They can be THE-dominant, CBD-dominant or offer an equal ratio of the two.

I enjoy recreational cannabis and the psychoactive effects. I find that a few hits from a pipe, a couple of gummies or a few drops of a tincture under the tongue can elevate my mood, inspire creativity and help me to relax at the end of a long day. However, I don’t always focus on getting high. There are times when the mental and physical therapeutic benefits are my goal. It has taken some trial and error to figure out my optimal doses of THC and CBD. I want to manage the psychoactive properties and benefit from a natural remedy. I’ve read that the combination of THC and CBD increases the rewards of each. CBD works to hinder THC’s ability to bind to CB1 receptors and lessens the euphoric effects. They each offer different pharmacological properties yet bogh offer anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. I am fortunate to have access to nearby cannabis dispensaries and knowlegeable budtenders. I’ve gotten helpful recommendations for dried flower, topicals, concentrates and edibles with a broad range of THC-to-CBD ratios. There are wide varieties of indicas, sativas and hybrids that include multiple cannabinoids. They can be THE-dominant, CBD-dominant or offer an equal ratio of the two. Through experimentation, I’ve discovered that CBD-dominant hybrids work best for treating painful muscles, stiff joints, swelling in my fingers and migraines. I prefer indicas with higher THC levels for mellowing out and getting a decent night’s sleep. If I am looking to be more productive, boost energy and enjoy a better mood, I shop sativas and prioritize THC percentages.


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