Combining topicals with other methods for arthritis

I began to have complaints with stiffness in my knuckles when I entered my forties! The pain would come on for a few afternoons at a time and then disappear, however it seemed to be directly related to the weather.

I was able to treat my symptoms with over-the-counter Tylenol! However, as I grew older, I noticed swelling in my fingers, but my fingers became so enlarged that it was necessary to break my rings off.

I was unable to form a fist. I had difficulty opening jars, typing on the computer, braiding my hair and weeding the garden; Over-the-counter pain pills and anti-inflammatory creams no longer helped. I looked into the medicines available from the doctor however was unhappy about the side-effects, plus, these medicines were not covered by my insurance and seriously high-priced. I started searching for a natural alternative and came across cannabis. I study dozens of testimonials by people who had greatly improved their condition through systemic treatment. The combination of ingesting cannabis and applying it directly to the skin has been the solution for me, at the dispensary I am able to purchase cannabis-infused ointments, balms and salves containing CBD, CBN and THC. These topicals also include essential oils that offer curative properties. I also have my choice of a wide variety of tinctures, edibles, beverages, flower and vapes to work on my arthritis from the inside; By choosing those products that are high in CBD and low in THC, I don’t get much or any high sensation. Because of cannabis, I am able to go on with my official life without swelling or pain.

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