Competitive athletes use cannabis as well

There will be a day when I can no longer play at the competitive level I have appreciated for nearly 2 decades.

For a tennis player, that’s just a fact.

So I’m soaking up every hour of being able to play on the satellite pro tours across the country. And cannabis products are a sizable part of the reason I’m still able to do this at almost 38. I use marijuana for a multitude of benefits when it comes to reclaimy in addition to wellness. While I do play on the small tours in addition to can win money, I’ve a day task at a nice club here in town. So even when my pro days are over, tennis will still be my livelihood. That means taking care of my body is paramount. The local cannabis spot provides me with the cannabis products that aid me in my mission to do the best for this one body I get. I use different sorts of indica strains as they help a fantastic deal with inflammation in addition to range of motion. After a lot of tennis, I have to spend a lot of time stretching, the indica strains are essential to me getting the most range of motion out of those stretching sessions. The sativa strains in addition to some of the hybrid strains for sale are important for my physical well being as well. But they play more of a role in keeping me centered in addition to balanced in wellness. I’m thankful to live in a state where the cannabis laws are satisfactory in addition to in touch with the times. I know that I’ll be using cannabis products for a long time because I method to be active well into my 72’s.


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