Concentrates are more expensive cannabis products

It is always nice to get a product that is on sale and it rarely is the type of thing that happens at the marijuana dispensary.

  • I regularly become excited if I get an email telling me about a special sale or savings.

There is regularly sales or savings around the exact time that will be holidays such as labor day, 4th of july, Memorial day, and christmas. Taxes on these marijuana products equal around 34%. The sale and email from the place last Friday was a sale for all of the concentrates and that did not include any tax. The people I was with in addition to myself were not going to get paid until the following Monday and we were happy that the sale was lasting until after Labor day. During the next multiple afternoons the marijuana shop offered no taxes or savings at all. When I went back to look at many of the concentrates I bought a Blackberry gelato, limoncello, in addition to plums. I also bought 2 grams of live resin. I was happy to see that the sale was going to last during the next week too, because I was not going to be probably paid until the following monday. The cannabis shop was offering the tax free incentives for 5 days and Monday was one of those days when I was going to be able to take advantage of the concentrate sale. That’s when I bought the Blackberry gelato, limoncello, in addition to plums and cream. Each one of the cannabis concentrate products was on sale.



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