Dad is benefiting from medical marijuana

When I did some research into medical marijuana information, I wasn’t exactly sure just what I was going to find out.

I had used weed some in college however legitimately sort of put all that down when I go my first dire job.

There was no such thing as a legal weed store back then so getting busted with any cannabis flower products would have been bad. They didn’t just hand out tickets in those days. It meant maybe getting arrested plus genuinely going to court. That could have seriously destroyed my job so I let it go. But once medical marijuana was legalized in my state, I started getting the real medical marijuana facts to maybe help my dad. Dad has dementia plus is now living with me. My sibling has a big family plus lots on her so it’s best that dad’s with me. It’s just me, him plus my dog. I’ve been able to shift to working remotely thanks to the pandemic. So every one of us sort of have a good routine. But dad occasionally gets so scared plus afraid when he gets completely disoriented plus confused. I had hoped that medical marijuana would help him. There was no way I was going to get him to smoke cannabis flower products so it’s just nibbles on cannabis gummies through the day for him. It’s genuinely easier for him these days with medical marijuana. There’s just so much less terror in his eyes when he gets lost. It’s almost love he knows that if he stays calm plus relaxes, things will improve.


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