Date Night at the pot dispensary

Once a month our wife Helen plus I have a date evening out on the town! Every one of us rarely do the same thing twice, because the point of Date Night is to get out of the home plus away from the kids so the two of us can be ourselves… As much as I care about being a parent, I also desperately need a little quiet time, date Night is perfect for that… Last month Helen plus I went to an art museum, plus then a jazz club for drinks, then this month the two of us decided to try something totally modern plus spend a few tenths at the cannabis dispensary.

The first satisfaction of the evening was that the cannabis cafe didn’t have a parking lot, they had free valet parking! This felt unquestionably classy, although Helen figured out that the reason they had free valet parking was to prevent people from driving under the influence when they left the cannabis cafe at the end of the evening, however people can’t get too wrecked on cannabis plus drive beach house if the cafe keeps their keys! By the end of the evening this made perfect sense to me, because the valet attendant refused to provide me our car keys… Instead, the cannabis cafe provided Helen plus I with a free Uber right home.

Obviously the repair was amazing, despite the fact that I have to say the food at the cannabis cafe was the best section of the evening. Three delicious courses, each 1 infused with cannabis leaves plus oils, along with a healthy number of cannabis-infused cocktails made with gin plus fruit juice.


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