Date night was a little bit different

Date night was just a little bit unusual this month when our husband Joe and I were looking for something current to do.

The people I was with and I talked about it a little bit and both of us made the decision to go over and try out the current recreational cannabis dispensary that had opened up here in town.

This is certainly out of our usual comfort zone, and it wasn’t something that both of us had ever done together before! The people I was with and I were both pretty gleeful about it because neither of us have ever gone to a recreational cannabis store in our entire lives. This locale just opened up recently and it’s all the buzz here in town. Everyone is talking about the locale and how cool it is on the inside. It’s inside of this big old cement warehouse, so it looks pretty neat on the exterior too. The people I was with and I have never been into any marijuana corporation before, and neither of us have ever had any sort of marijuana before besides cannabis cake and pot brownies way back in the afternoon when both of us were in high university. My husband Joe absolutely commanded that both of us go and try out the recreational cannabis dispensary for our date night. He is consistently telling myself and others that I need to relax and destress, and I guess that he is really right. The people I was with and I had a great time checking out all of the unusual edibles and the other marijuana products. The people I was with and I even bought some to take lake lake house and our date night was a real success. I guess that both of us will really go back there again unquestionably soon!



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