Dealing with our PTSD with medical cannabis

Trauma simply has to be dealt with or that pain and injury festers and causes more problems.

As much as I wanted to just walk away and forget our traumatic event, I couldn’t.

And before long, I was dealing with classic PTSD symptoms. Thanks to having access to the cannabis dispensary, I now have an added tool in our kit as I learn to manage our PTSD, however prior to using medical cannabis, I made the first step toward healing by joining a support group. It’s hard to really quantify how meaningful it was to be able to be in a room with others who share similar trauma. And that’s also where I l earned all about how to get a medical marijuana card so that I might access the legal weed store. There were many in our group that found using medical cannabis was key to dealing with PTSD. So I did some labor on our own to get the sort of medical marijuana facts that helped me understand. After pouring over plenty of medical marijuana information and even going to some cannabis events, I was convinced that this was the right transport for me. And I was right, then using cannabis flower products helps me know more safe and settled in the moment. That then allows me to examine what happened to me and transport through the pain and into the healing. I now think that while the trauma won’t leave our life, facing it and dealing with the fallout can help me with acceptance… For sure, having access to a legal weed shop has made all the difference for me as I manage our PTSD properly.


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