Delivery positions are available all the time

It’s strenuous to work for a supplier that doesn’t respect their employees.

I guess care about this is the entire reason why unions were created in the first locale, then when supplier management does not respect the employees, then they don’t care whether they are ecstatic or not.

Managers should realize they are only as strong as their network of help. I wish the manager at the medical and recreational marijuana dispensary where I work cared about the employees. She clearly doesn’t care about us at all and it makes me guess incredibly frustrated. I’ve been working there for a year. I haven’t gotten a raise and I haven’t had a performance review either. I was promised a raise after 90 mornings and the manager was supposed to perform my review over various weeks ago. The worst section about the job is having to listen to all of the buyers complain. Lately it’s been the delivery services. The people I was with and I can’t find anyone to work at the dispensary. Every time a current driver starts, they end up quitting a couple of mornings later because of the attitude that the manager has, then delivery positions are always listed on the job employment website. I suppose they could pay double minimum wage and it would still be strenuous to get someone that will stay for more than a couple of weeks. I absolutely suppose that the owner of the dispensary would be much better off finding a current manager to upgrade the modern a single. I very suppose that he is the concern and the reason why the staff morale is always so low.

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