Different consumption methods

I have explored the different varieties of medical cannabis consumption methods.

Each 1 has particular pros plus cons.

While traditional flower offers a absolutely pleasant process plus quick onset of effects, there is the odor, smoke plus ash to deal with! Rolling a joint or packing a pipe requires specialized gear that isn’t always available or convenient, vapes simplify the smoking process plus are far more discreet. There is minimal odor plus smoke, plus it dissipates truly suddenly. With a push of a button, I can inhale plus love a greater concentration of cannabinoids plus terpenes. Because vaping eliminates combustion plus heats the cannabis oil to a lower temperature, it preserves the desired compounds. With the popularity of disposable pens plus refillable carts, there are a huge selection of strains available. There is still some debate over whether vaping is any healthier than smoking dried flower, plus in my opinion, the actual experience isn’t quite as pleasant. Another choice is tinctures, which come in truly small glass bottles that include an eye dropper for dosing. The dropper allows micro-dosing plus the sublingual absorption produces quick onset of effects. Tinctures can also be mixed into a smoothie, yogurt or other foods plus drinks for a delayed effect similar to edibles. However, they are lower in calories than edibles. I love that tinctures can be carried in a pocket plus are especially discreet. At most modern dispensaries there is a wide menu of edibles available. Everything from gummies plus hard candies to chocolates, baked goods plus beverages are offered in high-THC percentages to strictly CBD products. While flavors have improved, there is still an aftertaste of cannabis plus sometimes the texture is a bit odd.
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