Digital marketing for the dispensary was no straight-forward task

I spent 4 years getting my Bachelor’s degree for marketing and advertising, and then I spent the next two years getting my master’s degree. When I finally got out of college, I got a task with an internet marketing dealer. Internet marketing and advertising is a large way to reach the widest variety of people. There are billions of people using the internet every afternoon. Internet marketing helps to drive additional traffic to your website. The more traffic going to your website means more leads and ultimately more sales. There are a few ways to help an online business become a large success, then one of the first important projects I was given was laboring for a brand new marijuana dealer. A brand new marijuana business recently opened a second store and they needed to unfold a new website that would feature access to both sites. The multi location marketing project was the first one that I designed. I had two additional temps to labor with me. I had a week to come up with marketing plans that included SEO advertising, Pay per click advertising, and keywords. After that I needed to come up with a marketing campaign to unveil the new website. The project was so large and expansive for my first solo project, although I knocked it out of the park. I still currently handle all of the digital marketing for the cannabis business and I am about to begin a new second cannabis business located on the east coast. My associate and I wouldn’t want any confrontation of interest when it comes to handling our customers.

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