Discovering cannabis beverages

When I first started shopping at the cannabis dispensary for recreational products, I was strictly looking for dried flower, pre-rolls or vapes.

I was also proper with popular edibles such as gummies and brownies.

I was initially too intimidated to experiment. After many visits to the dispensary, I finally felt confident enough to at least browse different options. There are a nearly endless selection of producers and strains to choose from. I diagnosed out concentrates of all different textures, including shatter, wax, budder, live sauce, kief and hash. I considered cannabis-infused topicals such as ointments, roll-ons, sprays, lotions, balms and bath bombs. I was surprised when I came across cannabis-infused beverages. According to the budtender I spoke with, cannabis drinks are gaining popularity as an alternative to alcohol. They are less of a health risk, avoiding the legitimately real potential of liver disease, stroke, heart disease and high blood pressure. They are an ideal opportunity for socializing. The high from a beverage is milder than with an edible, and the packaging makes for straight-forward dosing. The label provides exactly how much THC is contained in a single bottle. The various cannabinoids and terpenes of the beverage can work to help with sleep, uplift mood, motivate, relax and the same types of effects provided by other consumption methods. There are continually new strains of beverages available, and my local dispensary offers tonics, colas, root beers, cannabeers, mocktails and more; One of my number one cannabis beverages includes both THC and CBD, creating a light buzz without a hangover. It’s available in refreshing flavors like lime, black cherry and mango.

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