Discovering the cannabis edibles is excellent

That’s because there is legal recreational marijuana in our state now.

I was no wallflower when I was in college. That was also a completely different era. There was all kinds of partying happening where I went to school. In fact, I was sort of proud when my university was listed on a top party school list. I had a great time in college but I wasn’t so much into recreational marijuana. The fact that I wasn’t into using marijuana had nothing to do with the cannabis itself. No, my abstaining from using recreational marijuana came strictly from the fact that I just can’t smoke anything. I was basically allergic to cigarette smoke and really, any kind of smoke whether it be from a pipe, cigar or cannabis joint. Back then, that was really my only option when it came to cannabis. If I didn’t join in on taking a toke from the joint being passed around at the party, I didn’t have other options. I remember once how I excited I was that there were going to be pot brownies at this one party. But that was an utter disappointment. The pot brownies that night tasted like chocolate lawn clippings at best. And, I didn’t get high because the pot brownies were made so poorly that it ruined whatever THC content it might have had. Alas, I was not to actually enjoy cannabis until recently. That’s because there is legal recreational marijuana in our state now. I dropped by the local cannabis spot and they turned me on to some sativa cannabis edibles. And, I love them so much. Finally, I can enjoy the effects of cannabis products without having to smoke anything.


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