Dispensary hiring solutions showed me the right way to choose employees.

When I was hiring employees for two modern cannabis dispensaries, I was using the old school method, then i went into the interview with a long list of questions plus scenarios to request to the interviewee.

I needed to know how well they would handle stress plus agitated customers, but you could not keep all employees glad, or all customers glad.

I did extensive interviews with every guy who came in looking for a job. I believed in eye contact duringterviewing, plus when writing things down, I often lost that eye contact! Without eye contact, the guy being interviewed would often lose interest. When I started interviewing for a modern cannabis dispensary owner, he offered me cannabis hiring solutions, then these were ideas on how to interview for a cannabis dispensary employee, but my job had just gotten easier, but not only was I able to come up with an easier interview, although I would type while the guy talked, plus still be able to keep‌ eye contact with them, one man told me it was intimidating to have me looking at him while he talked. I could not understand intimidating, but maybe unnerving. If he felt intimidated, maybe he was hiding something; Dispensary hiring solutions offered me more insight into the people I was hiring, because I could get more information through body language than through verbal responses… Although dispensary hiring solutions were not foolproof, it was a handy tool. I enjoyed using all the computer programs they had for the cannabis dispensary. I only wished they had these tools when I was younger. They would not have been so difficult to learn.

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