Dispensary HR software required

It has come to my attention recently that having a human resource department would be a great idea! I figured I am a cannabis dispensary. I sell cannabis products and have bartenders manage the sales; What do I need an HR department for? It is a great method to keep everyone in check. I also am not definitely great about handling problems that arise in the store and firing people, however human resources is just a great method to save my butt on a rainy afternoon. I didn’t want to hire someone full time, my business is definitely small potatoes. What I was looking for was a cannabis human resource business partner, but they are contracted outside of the business. They don’t do full time work, just when I hire them out. Having dispensary HR has made a world of difference, however now my budtenders recognize comfortable sharing complications that are coming up in the store. I also do not need to get involved. When complications such as race, gender inequality and sexual preferences come up, I get nervous. I don’t want to be caught in a sticky situation. I want to be great and honorabletoo, but cannabis HR software is definitely a modern way of doing things. It keeps everything safe, secure and honorablefor everyone that works with me. It also does not cost as much to have the HR software vs hiring a whole department to rest around everyday, all afternoon. Other business owners should consider adding HR to their list of needed services.
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