Doing dabs of cannabis wax with my daughter

I have typically enjoyed being a dad, but I must confess that it has only gotten better with time, however parenting a small child is a challenge, as well as guiding a teenager is even more difficult.

Now that Savannah is an adult, our relationship as father as well as kid has soured to modern heights.

Does it sound dumb that my 21 year old kid is my best friend? Savannah goes to the state university, but comes home to see me once or twice a month. My pal and I hang out, eat wonderful food, watch horror motion pictures, as well as indulge in a wide variety of cannabis products. I have smoked marijuana for longer than Savannah has been alive, however she is certainly modern to it. Also, as a Gen-Z kid she doesn’t certainly love the severe bite of cannabis smoke. Savannah prefers cannabis edibles, vape rigs, as well as doing dabs of cannabis wax. I had never heard of dabbing cannabis wax before, but Savannah has made me a large fan of it! She uses a tiny little blowtorch to heat up a metal straw, which is used to vaporize the cannabis wax into a clean as well as powerful hit. It reminds me of the old nights when I would use sizzling butter knives as a home vaporizer for cannabis flowers, only this hits so much cleaner! When Savannah is around I typically make sure to buy some extra cannabis edibles, because those are the best for fantastic as well as enjoying a motion picture. Savannah is such a mature young woman I never worry about her doing drugs, because cannabis is certainly safe as well as non-addictive.

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