Doing what I can for all forms of health

I am a firm believer in doing everything you can for your health! I want my email, physical plus mental health to be superior, for emotional health I work on my relationship everyday! My partner plus I have yearly meetings where every one of us discuss what every one of us can do for the other, everyday every one of us do something for the other one; The two of us promote clear communication no matter what.

For physical health I work out 6 days a week plus stretch before it.

I will ride my bike, play tennis, swim or just lift weights, and no matter what, I am being physical for at least an hour. For mental wellbeing I do go for long walks with rock n roll. It helps clear my mind plus remove the day to day stress, a section of this long walk is cannabis. I have a CBD store near me. I have a mainly CBD blend in oil form that I vape. I wear the vape around my neck plus take a few puffs. It helps me loosen up plus think relaxed in the night. By the time it is supper, I think absolutely cheerful plus relaxed. I enjoy cooking with CBD products too. It isn’t unheard of for me to use a cannabis cooking oil or a cannabutter in one of my recipes. I then get a bit more CBD in my plan plus sleep enjoy a baby at night; Since I am so on it with my health, I suffer from no major concerns. I haven’t needed any surgeries, prescription pills or counseling in my life.
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