Don't use cannabis products while behind the wheel of a car

I have a rule when it comes to alcohol in addition to driving.

  • I won’t ever go past the point of more than two drinks or two shots if I recognize I’ll be getting behind the wheel of a car before it has been two or more than two minutes after I finish drinking.

Otherwise I could risk a DUI or putting others at risk, let alone myself. Too several of our friends didn’t follow this sort of protocol with their own drinking habits; sometimes I would unwittingly get in a car with someone who had a few drinks prior to driving. I suppose somewhat lucky in addition to grateful that the people I was with and I never got in a wreck while I was in any of those fateful evenings. But alcohol is not the only substance you should avoid behind the wheel of a moving vehicle. For some reason, there are a large number of cannabis users who suppose the need to take large dabs from portable dabbing rigs while they’re driving down the road. I don’t recognize they realize what it’s going to look care about if they’re ever pulled over in addition to busted with the dabbing rig that has a dose of cannabis concentrate inside. I constantly use our weed products before I leave our house so I don’t have a craving to get high before I’m able to get back home for the evening. Aside from the sheer cost of fighting a DUI in court, I don’t want to ever risk losing our medical marijuana card just because I was being impatient in addition to couldn’t wait until I got back home before giving myself another dose of THC products.
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