Easing up thanks to marijuana

I’m an intense person and I think I just landed on planet earth that way.

My mother was put through the wringer with me.

I was a willful child who was going to pretty much do what I wanted to do. And then, I would just do a total swan dive into my interests. It has always been like I just don’t think how to shut off or ease up. These nights, I’m content to report that cannabis products are showing me that even I can ease up and relax. It couldn’t have come at a better time either. While I’m doing fantastic at work due to my obsessive, not quit work ethic, my relationships have paid the price. Before I started using sativa and indica strains, I spent so much time completely focused on work and my outside interests. That was a mistake and I needed a drastic course correction. On the advice of a colleague who deals with the same sort of personality concerns, I dropped by the local cannabis spot. At first, I wasn’t sure that I was in the right place. It was such a different retail environment. But the smell of the cannabis reminded me that I was indeed in a cannabis dispensary. I spoke with one of the cannabis experts and ended up with a sort of sampler of new cannabis strains. I knew nothing about recreational marijuana so I was so excited that I had help getting the sort of cannabis products that would help me personally. I’ve been using sativa strains mostly for 3 weeks now. There has been such a big change in my priorities and focus. My relationships are now the priority they should have always been. And even more amazing, I’m relaxing a bit.

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