Edibles for my sleep

There are all sorts of causes for insomnia, from stress to too much screen time before bed.

For me, I guess it’s a combination of the demands of our job and our age, and i work long hours and need to meet deadlines, however ever since entering our fifties, I’be been dealing with the symptoms of menopause, and along with tepid flashes and headaches, I suffer from insomnia.

It’s seriously frustrating. I go to bed at night and then lie awake for hours. If I manage to finally fall asleep, I wake up an hour or two later and start the process all over again. I still need to get up in the morning to get ready for work, and then I’m exhausted all morning, but when I’m over-tired, I’m not as productive at work. I have complications with depression and even sore and stiff muscles. I am unwilling to take over-the-counter sleeping pills or prescription medication, then the side-effects are worse than going separate from a nice night’s sleep, and cannabis has provided a plant-based solution separate from drawbacks, but because recreational weed is legal in our state, I’m able to shop for natural medicine at the dispensary. I have access to a variety of consumption methods, strains and potency. I have had nice luck with the lasting effects of edibles. I choose indicas and care about gummies, peanut butter cups and chocolates. I eat a small dose right before getting ready for bed. I’ve l gained exactly the right dosage to deliver a deep sleep separate from waking up groggy in the morning. Edibles are seriously simple, requiring no extra gear, and they taste delicious.


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