Edibles saved my life

When I found out that Beth was pregnant last year, I took my cigarettes and threw them in the trash.

I was well aware of the dangers of secondhand smoke.

Did you know that simply smoking outside isn’t good enough? The smoke particles cling to your clothes, your skin, and your hair, and can be transferred that way. In other words, the only way to protect your kids from the dangers of secondhand smoke is to stop smoking. When I realized that I would also have to stop smoking cannabis, I got a little more upset. Cannabis is something I smoke every single days, usually several times a day, and with a new baby in the mix I was going to need that medicine more than ever. A little research online led me to a terrific local cannabis dispensary, where they had many ways to get high without generating any smoke at all. That was the only problem, so if I started to use a smokeless form of cannabis I didn’t have to give up my vice. I tried vaping cannabis oil, and while I enjoyed the effect of it I was not sure about the vapor. Although vaping is less harmful than cannabis smoke, I still didn’t want to risk it hurting the baby. Edibles were the safest, easier, and cheapest way for me to go. I could get as high as I liked with cannabis edibles, and I could do it around my pregnant wife and later, my new baby. I cannot recommend cannabis edibles highly enough!

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